Your BabyPyke sunglasses come with a 2-year warranty

Despite multiple levels of quality control, there is a chance that your BabyPykes may have a manufacturing defect.

Your BabyPyke sunglasses come with a 2-year warranty against such defects that takes effect when you receive your purchase.

The warranty applies to any purchase for which you can show proof of purchase (an invoice).

Manufacturing defects are covered

Scratches on your lenses are not covered by the warranty unless you can show that the scratches were there when your purchase arrived.

Modification, misuse, intentional damage or alteration of the product or any of its components will void the warranty.

We draw your attention to the fact that the manufacturing process specific to BabyPykes does not allow us to take back/replace the lenses in your product under any circumstances.

Notify us within two months

To benefit from the warranty, please notify us of any manufacturing defects you may find within 2 months of discovery.

f you purchased your product from our web site, contact Customer Support using the on-line contact form. Fill in the fields provided and carefully select the Message subject that best relates to your query using the drop-down menu. We’ll instantly receive you query.

If you made your purchase at one of our sales outlets, take your BabyPykes back to the retailer or to any sales outlet that distributes BabyPyke sunglasses. The store's employees will be happy to help you.

If you cannot get to a sales outlet, contact us using the Contact Form.

Replacements and Refunds

If Pyke ascertains that the sunglasses have a materials or manufacturing defect and the warranty is applicable, Pyke will replace them free-of-charge and cover the costs of redelivery back to the customer.

The glasses will be replaced within 14 days of receipt of all the documentation duly submitted by customer subject to acceptance by our Warranty Department.

We’ll keep you informed throughout the process of the status of your claim.

Where damage to the glasses is not due to a defect of materials or manufacture, Pyke may charge you for the cost of replacement. In this case, we will notify you of the additional cost by e-mail. You can either accept the estimate or take back the glasses in the condition in which we received them.


Our warranty policy does not exempt us from or limit our liability in the event of death or injury caused by wilful default, fraud, misrepresentation or gross negligence on the part of Pyke, except for any liability that may be limited or excluded under applicable legislation.

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