BabyPyke, the partner you trust to protect your child's eyes from UV rays!

Because we want your child to continue seeing the world through a child’s eyes, Pyke has developed a new model of sunglasses designed for the geometry of a child’s face: BabyPyke !

No more glasses that hurt ears, fall off the face, and don’t really protect children's eyes.

BabyPyke sunglasses are here !

They provide an optimum solution to the protective needs of your child's eyes.

Most parents surveyed1 agree that there are 5 basic criteria that must be met before purchasing a pair of sunglasses that are 100% effective and suitable for children:

  • Complete coverage of the eyeball (100% coverage)
  • Quality materials, in particular the lenses
  • Comfort and easy care
  • Practicality
  • Design

With help from little Pykers and their parents, PYKE was able to rise to the challenge of meeting all these criteria with a single model: BabyPyke sunglasses.


1. Full-coverage frame

To guarantee that the frame provides 100% coverage, BabyPyke sunglasses are made with soft materials. They perfectly fit a child’s face to keep the sun’s rays from reaching the eyes, even under conditions or extreme sun and glare.

The headband keeps the glasses in the position best suited for protecting your child’s eyes with no discomfort.

BabyPyke frames mean that none of the sun’s rays will penetrate your child's eyes.

2. High-quality materials tailored to children's needs


The materials selected to make BabyPyke sunglasses were carefully selected: Pyke has established very stringent criteria for materials selection that go beyond the requirements of European standards.

The plastic used is:

  • food-grade, no worries if they get in your child’s mouth.
  • resistant :
    • to UV rays;
    • to chlorine (swimming pool);
    • to salt (swimming pool, sea);
    • to sunscreen;
    • to bending, stretching and tearing (under normal conditions of use).
  • hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for contact with skin.

The « soft touch » nature of the materials used in the frame give it a soft and pleasant feel.
They don’t get tangled in hair, guaranteeing enhanced comfort.

B. Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens : a guarantee quality

To ensure the optimum protection of your child's eyes, Pyke has partnered with the German group, Carl Zeiss, for lenses.

BabyPyke sunglasses use the lenses in the Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens KidZ collection. These lenses are the result of innovative research on the development of children's eyes.

KidZ lenses were specifically developed to offer maximum protection for children’s eyes based on their age bracket.

Protection for every age in their development!

Lack of light prevents the eye from developing properly. This is why the KidZ lenses in BabyPyke frames are Category 3 2: they offer protection while transmitting enough light to allow the eye to continue developing.

KidZ lenses do not alter the perception of colour and block 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Made out of premium polyamide, they are shock-resistant with an anti-scratch coating.

To check whether your frames have genuine Carl Zeiss KidZ lenses, a semi-visible “Z” is etched on the inside of each lens to certify that the frame complies with the high-quality standards of Zeiss.


The lenses are mounted directly into the frame so children cannot push them out.

3. 100% comfort and effortless care

Pyke has researched and developed a glasses retention system that guarantees maximum comfort for your child.

This well-researched and tested system increases the chances that your child will accept wearing them.

The system is based on a soft frame and a retaining strap (headband) that provides a good, comfortable fit.

The headband has a dual strap two reasons:

  • To distribute the pressure over a wider portion of the head and in two different places;
  • To fit high on the head on both sides of the occiput so that the headband holds firm.

This feature has several advantages:

  • No rubbing around the ears. Your child's little ears are sensitive and should not be mistreated;
  • By exerting slight tension, the headband keeps the frame in place and provides full coverage.
  • The pressure needed to keep the frame in place is distributed over the dual strap and frame, which reduces potential discomfort and increases the likelihood that your child will accept wearing them.

Thanks to this system and the lightweight glasses , BabyPyke will not cause discomfort to your child.

4. 100% pratiques

BabyPyke sunglasses are scalable: they will fit any infant or toddler up to the age of 3 thanks to the soft strap and frame (head circumference from 41 to 50 cm).

Apart from head circumference, the other measurements of a child's head change only slightly between infancy and the age of 3 (such as the inter-pupillary distance).

As your child grows, simply adjust the strap.


5. 100% fun design

Straddling the line between vintage and futuristic, BabyPyke sunglasses have a wide range of colours for your child’s adventures!

6. Use & accessories

Pyke has developed a practical yet playful case in the shape of a ball, guaranteeing maximum protection even when you put your BabyPykes away.

This durable case also contains a Pyke lens cleaning cloth and user instructions. You can conveniently carry it in your purse.




1. Remove the frame from its ball-shaped container.


2. Open the retaining clip on either side by pushing away (the marking “Pyke” on the retaining clip represents the correct direction).


3. Slide the little strap of the “frame” part into the retaining clip of the “headband” part. Close the retaining clip.


4. Place the frame on your child’s face (be careful: the deepest scallop should be at the bottom). Adjust the side strap that is not yet closed based on the size of your child’s head.


5. Make sure the sunglasses are of the correct size (not too tight but fitting snugly to the face). Once adjusted for first use, the frame may be taken off and repositioned on the head with no need of further adjustment.


6. There you go! Your child is perfectly protected so he or she can continue exploring the world with well-protected eyes.


Remember to read the instructions for use!
Pyke, may the adventures continue

  1. Market survey of 2 x 250 parents with at least one child of 5 years of age or younger conducted between February and March of 2013 when defining requirements.
  2. The division of lenses into different protective categories (1 to 4) is based on light transmittance (LT). Category 4 lenses must have light transmittance of 8%. The LT of Category 3 lenses ranges from 8 to 18%. BabyPyke lenses have a TL of 9.88%.
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