One product, one brand
and a wonderful story of entrepreneurship!

“Because we want your child to continue seeing the world through the eyes of a child.”

The Pyke story begins in July 2013.

One bright, sunny morning, Isabelle V, at the request of a family member, set off to buy a pair of sunglasses for her 2½-year old nephew.

Although it was her first time carrying out a seemingly mundane task, it was about to transform very quickly into a difficult mission!

First 1, then 2, then 3 opticians, a few pharmacies, some sports stores: there was no product offered to Isabelle V. that would provide good protection while being practical and aesthetically attractive.

After few phone calls to friends and relatives followed by an Internet search, Isabel was still unable to find a model that met the quality criteria she defined.

Surprised by this fact, she began to wonder whether she was too demanding (after all, it was just about a pair sunglasses for her young nephew) or if she was the only person faced with a fairly daunting mission!

She therefore conducted 2 back-to-back market surveys of more than 500 people. The results were a shock! Both studies validated her suspicions: buyers of sunglasses for children from 0 to 3 years of age were not satisfied with the products offered on the market.

The survey respondents expressed 5 basic criteria:

  • Complete coverage of the eyeball (100% coverage)
  • Quality materials, in particular the lenses
  • Comfort and ease of care
  • Practicality
  • Design

It was obvious that all 5 criteria were never combined in one single product!

Based on her findings, Isabelle got to work and found the answer to a need: selling sunglasses for children guaranteeing maximum protection and meeting all 5 criteria.

24 months later, supported by a panel of experts and a group of investors, Isabelle V was ready to introduce BabyPyke sunglasses to the market - ideal solar protection for children’s eyes.

“Since we wanted to offer children the best protection for their eyes, we just invented it! ”

Aware of the fact that there is no good product without good relationships and in order to successfully reach her goal, Isabel surrounded herself with a team willing to observe and ask questions (and laugh, too!) and to deliver the best solutions to children!

« All men like to think that they can do it alone, but a real man knows there's no substitute for support, encouragement, or a pit crew”. (Tim Allen)

Co-creation at every step in the process: the Pyke hallmark

« We wondered what the key criteria would be for an ideal model of sunglasses for children. So we turned to the people closest to our target consumer: moms, dads and grandparents.»

As the company continued to grow and at each step of the process leading to product validation, Pyke was able to count on a team comprised of experts, opinion leaders and parents accompanied by their little Pykers!

We invented it! You asked for this product...and we simply listened and, with input from you, developed the model you wanted. Such is the power of co-creation!

Pyke continues the tradition of asking willing parents to help the company fine-tune its sunglasses model to enhance children’s eye protection by participating in surveys and discussion groups with the objective of co-creation.

Today, Pyke is proud to say that it is able to offer a sunglasses model that is 100% adapted to the specific contours of toddlers’ faces!

Pyke. May the adventures be all the more beautiful!

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